What am I? Where am I?

Best friend of a freelancer, businessman and accountant.

It's clear to me that you and your accountant hate the bills, but I love them! I can pair them, search for them in your email, phone and computer. I don't care about anything else, my treat is your accounting. Thanks to the cloud, only you, me, and your accountant have access to it.

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How does DingoDot work?

Not who, but what. AI, or full name Artificial Intelligence. It is my "brain" that drives me, with which I learn all the tasks that I can cut you off in the future, and I also dare to say that I will learn them "better than you" thanks to AI. I mean, I learn them properly and I don't make mistakes - because nothing distracts me, I'm not tired and I focus on what I’m doing.

Ako DingoDot funguje?

Control is as simple as viewing photos or chatting

Komu viem pomôcť?

Who can I help?

Freelancers, craftsmen, masters, creatives.

Do you have a one-person business or company on your own? Do you like doing things by yourself and having everything under control? Let me tell you something, it's not sustainable in the long run... If you don't want to draw a friend, colleague, partner into your business, say yes to Dingo!

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Accountant, "who has no time"

Bills, invoices, documents ... You know that. If it was only one client, then it is "OK" but when there are already 10, 15, 50 ... And everyone forgets something, does not send it and they have to be chased. Leave it to Dingo! He will guard the documents and even assign them for you.

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Komu viem pomôcť?

Why me?

Who I'm friends with

How we grow

I can learn to sniff out invoices, bills, documents and pair them with each other. I keep all things in my lair and I know exactly where I have all the documents. The puppy was born and raised in Slovakia.

Alpha male

Phase 3

I will take care of your accounting completely so that you are safe from the point of view of the state, accountants, and legislation, and at the same time, I will help you with cash flow, expenses, and tax optimization. Banks and suppliers will fight for you, whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner. And all this from 10 € per month.

Leader of the pack

Phase 2

We also accepted a living accountant into the pack, when yours doesn't have time, ask ours. You are always answered by a skilled accountant, not by support or bot. The "living accountant" helps me always stay "in" - we follow the laws, legislation, and all the news that you should definitely not miss. You won't need your accountant for most things anymore!

Teenage Dingo

Phase 2 - 2nd half year 2022

I've grown a bit, and I already know some things about your business, so I can also tell you how much you have to pay in taxes - whether monthly VAT, income tax, and how much will remain in your account. At the same time, I still cover your accountant's back and do annoying work for her, which neither she nor anyone wants to do anymore.


Phase 1

I can learn to sniff out invoices, bills, documents and pair them with each other. I keep all things in my lair and know exactly where I have them. First 90 days you have me for a free trial so you don't have to pay me.

Dingo, best friend of a freelancer and an accountant